Taste in Kyoto
Fun in Kyoto

To a deeper "Kyoto" Experience

There are many sightseeing spots in Kyoto. A wonderful building where you can feel the old history directly, and the views of the seasons are Japanese treasures that attract the viewers.
A place where everyone can feel the atmosphere, the feeling of air, and the feeling that it feels like "Kyoto."
While cherishing Japanese culture, there is a warm warmth of the people of Kyoto who have connected the edge between people and talked about and kept protecting them.
A special Kyoto experience that touches the people and directly touches the culture that has been built while feeling the edge.
Please watch, listen, touch, taste and experience the deeper 'Kyoto'.

Taste in Kyoto

It is safe because shops that can fully enjoy Kyoto gourmet everywhere are lined up in the city.
What to eat, as a reference when you get lost.
We will introduce some gourmet unique to Kyoto.

Making things in Kyoto and Machiya

Since the Heiankyo was built, the town house was built as a residential building and developed. In that history, touching the culture every era,
It was a place that embodied the longing for beauty and affluence and disseminated it.
The history of manufacturing and the history of town houses are closely related in Kyoto.
The more you know it, the more fun it will be at a townhouse.

Making things in Kyoto

Handicraft items such as Kyoto folding fan, Kei fan fan, Nishijin weave and others born in the Heian era, Kyo dolls born in the Edo period, Kyo Yuzen, Kyo-yaki etc.
Machiya is a historical building where the common people living in Kyoto lived, and at the same time, it was a place where people embodied the admiration for the beauty and affluence of each age and sent out.

Fun in Kyoto

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