Machiya room

I will live like living in the town of Kyoto

​―Stay at a Machiya

A characteristic layout which is said to be a lattice door, "elephant bed" on a box staircase (hidden stairway) to a buggy window (Mushimakamado). The current townhouse built actively in the early Meiji - early Showa era is one of the important assets to tell about the history of Japan.

People who live in Kyoto live in this small "Japan" every day, and keep "Kyoto likeness" that keeps connecting to the present day. Speaking of the cityscape of Kyoto is a townhouse, so much that it is indispensable for the scenery in Kyoto.

The town shop has also gone up with the aging of the number of vacancies, and the number to be discontinued has increased.
We built this lodging with the desire to protect this townhouse and its thoughts carefully in future generations.

While thinking about the lives of the old Kyoto people, they immediately touch the history of "Machiya" where "Japanese beauty" was condensed. It is surely possible to taste the modern time slip, which can only be experienced here.

Why do not you try a deeper and deeper Kyoto experience to become a dweller of a town house and get closer to you today?

One room lending

Machiya is basically a single house.
After checking in on arrival you can use it freely like at home.


Guests can stay together from 1 person to a maximum of 0 guests.
◎ as well as family members, as well as groups


Basically it is not served in the townhouse.
You can also eat well, you can make it in the kitchen, you can use it freely with your own way of using it.

Equipment · Amenities

All old good parts are kept, all around the water and bathroom wash are renewed.
Amenities such as toothbrushes and towels are also available.

Machiya room

We introduce different town houses to each.
You can see details screen by pressing the button of each town house.


Ichimatsu-an       634 Tachibana-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

Marukyo-Gakurinan   309-2 Gakurincho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto